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Home Office to move asylum seekers in Glasgow from hotels

The Home Office is to start the process of moving asylum seekers out of hotels in Glasgow and back into “more permanent accommodation”.  more  

Professor Sir Geoff Palmer talks to Jambo! Radio

Sir Palmer is Scotland's first black Professor. He want slavery history be taught in schools in Scotland and is against the pulling down of statues of people connected to the slave...  more  

We celebrate Diane Umuhoza on Carers Week 2020

Diane has been a Carer for 12 years and is training to be a nurse. Originally from Rwanda, Diane has been in Scotland since 2004.  more  

Face covering mandatory on public transport in Scotland from Monday

In Phase 2 of easing lockdown restrictions in Scotland, most shops are to reopen from 29 June as part of a further easing of the country's lockdown rules.  more  

New reusable PPE visor designed and produced by NHSGGC

16,000 new reusable visors are now ready for use by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde staff as part of essential PPE required for protection against COVID-19.  more  

Why are minorities so hard hit by Covid-19?

Saloni Dattani says a combination of social conditions and health factors has turned coronavirus into a disaster for black and Asian Britons. She speaks to Jambo! Radio at around 1...  more  

Francesco Ocansey is Italian-born of African heritage.

In his teen he suffered from racism and as a black European life was unbearable in Italy when his parents decided to move to England. At the age of 23, Francesco was determined to...  more  

Diabetes Week 2020: Raising awareness to Minority Ethnic communities

It’s important to manage your diabetes as well as you can to prevent eye, feet and kidney problems  more