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Radio Station Glasgow

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Radio Station Glasgow

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Radio Station Glasgow

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Radio Station Glasgow

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COVID 19 denial, New York-base Fashion Designer, survived the virus

Kibonen Nfi, a New York-base Fashion Designer, whose clients includes Hollywood actress, Lupita Nyongo was one of those who assumed a black person cannot be affected by coronavirus...  more  

Scottish Government Current COVID-19 Advice in Jamaican patios

Physical distancing and staying at home still key to tackling COVID-19  more  

Scottish Government current COVID-19 advice in Swahili

This is the current advice on coronavirus in Scotland  more  

Coronavirus: Latest Scottish government advice

To protect ourselves and our NHS the advice in Scotland is staying very much the same. This is because the evidence is telling us it’s too early to make significant changes.   more  

Want to join Jambo! Radio as a volunteer? For work experience and Training?

Click on this video to find out how Jambo! Radio can support you obtain work experience, internship and training to perform in your studies or work.  more  

Coming soon to Scotland! your only radio station for Afro-Caribbean people

As we are preparing to launch on Sunday 14 June 2020 watch video  more