Covid-19 cases in the continent continued ticking upwards in July and as of 16th August, the number of cases stood at 1,108,837 with 25,337 deaths and 823,614 recoveries.

Fears of Covid-19 as demonstrated by KASI’s Covid-19 fear index rose in August with 68% of respondents being very concerned about the virus compared to 67% in July.

South Africa continues to lead in terms of cases (592,000) but also testing capabilities.

Nigeria, Ghana, Algeria, and Ethiopia count amongst the countries with the larger number of cases. The good news is new cases are now dropping in South Africa and the curve is flattening. 

In fact, the alcohol and cigarette ban was lifted in South Africa and consumers were already lining up at stores. Under new regulations announced by the president, Cyril Ramaphosa, over the weekend, alcohol can be sold from Monday to Thursday between 9 am and 5 am.

Another sign of things slowly getting back to normal, Nigeria announced the reopening of their airspace with international travel set to restart on August 29th.