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Radio Station Glasgow

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Radio Station Glasgow

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Radio Station Glasgow

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Radio Station Glasgow

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Meet the presenters at Jambo! Radio


at a time


Meet Deniella  more  


Meet Panashe   more  

Chief Emeka Onyekwere

Meet Chief Emeka our Presenter in Igbo Langauge  more  

Oluwakemi Akinbobola

Meet Oluwakemi (Kemi) our Presenter in Yoruba Language  more  

Pouhela Ngangue

Presenter in French  more  

Charles Fletcher

Producer/Presenter: The Week in Holyrood, Today in Holyrood and 60 Seconds Scotland  more  

Dee J Ken

Real names, Kenneth Jumbo, is one of Scotland's finest Afrobeat DJs with a passion to extend the reach of Afro-beats globally.  more  

DJ Manu

Berthold Nguetsa is a multilingual and an exuberant DJ/Presenter  more  

Marie Gweth

Meet Marie Gweth one of our bilingual and energetic presenter - Inspiring Transformation  more  


Meet Chinny our brilliant presenter - inspiring transformation  more